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This is a free tool to allow the administrator to spy the data that are send through the APDU exchange between the card reader and the target software to capture the data. This project is still in development. It's not finished yet, but works well. Basically it uses one configuration tool to setup a card and the application you want to spy, then one to view all the log files. As an example, with this configuration, the log is created in a folder of your choice, and each APDU sent by the cardreader (the ‘fake’ dll) is intercepted, so we can quickly view the data using SCardSpy Activation Code!. You can try it as well. A: I've found SCardMonitor, a Visual Studio 2010 solution, that allows you to monitor the cards and their data. It has a built-in analyzer that makes it easy to monitor the current data in an APDU. A: The Windows 7 version of CardTerminal can be used. From the docs: CardTerminal is a Network Explorer like application that allow you to monitor the card and its data over the network. CardTerminal allows you to monitor the data traffic between a smart card and the card reader. If you are interested in the security and privacy of your smartcard readers, you will love this program. CardTerminal will help you monitor the card data traffic by providing a detailed report of the volume of packets, the size of packets, the traffic direction and the end time. There are plenty of other features which you can try, such as: The configuration of the card Provides the total bandwidth used by the card reader Provides information about the card security, including the PIN length, the hash algorithm used The program is paid but it is very, very cheap. Sheryl Strahovski has created her own space on the nightstand. The 44-year-old actress opened up about two life-changing experiences that helped her find “light” in the midst of life. “My life changed with both Mark and [my family],” Strahovski, who is engaged to actor Hank Baskett, told Us Weekly in an interview published Tuesday. “I never thought a couple of years ago that Mark and I would be where a5204a7ec7

· Allows you to view the requests exchanged between the target software (your custom developed application) and the available smart card readers, including those made through the various authentication schemes. · Supports stealing card, store-specific card, tokenized card, and proxcard authentication. · Gets the APDU logged by the target application and all smart card readers of all issuers within a configured directory. · Can detect and display the first 11-17 bytes of the latest APDU. · Includes a novel graphical user interface that will allow you to easily configure SCardSpy to accommodate the needs of your target application. · Included as a beta. No commercial use. Key features: · Detects and displays the first 11-17 bytes of the latest APDU, including the 13th byte. · An attractive and easy to use graphical user interface with a fully customizable configuration dialog. · Detects all smart card readers supported by a PC. · Stores the user configuration settings in a config.ini file (Windows-style). · Supports store-specific smart cards (new issue tokenized card in particular) as well as tokenized smart cards. · Supports authentication schemes provided by multiple issuers (AS/RS, eToken, SWIFT, eID, FS, EAC, etc.). SCardSpy documentation: · Author: Igor Quaquir · Last updated: 2007-10-27 · Version: 1.0 (beta) · Read the documentation in the build directory (e.g., C:\Code\SCardSpy\Docs). · SCardSpy is free for non-commercial use, with no restrictions whatsoever. · Get a copy of the full source and demo from the author. · Transmit your ideas, comments and corrections on the SCardSpy forum.Parity distribution and other attributes of US Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps dental personnel. In this study we estimated the proportion of women in the US Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines and compared women's participation with that of men. We also studied parity distribution and other socio-demographic attributes of women. Our survey included 5,741 active-duty members of the Army (33.8%), Air Force (25.0%), Navy (12.1%), and Marines (21.8%). We estimated the proportion of women in each branch as a percentage of the total population.

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